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Gel Coat is our Specialty

At Boat Butler, our goal is to provide professional and reliable boat bottom painting services on Cape Cod. The perfect bottom paint for your next ocean outing is in our hands.


What's Included

Our bottom painting creates a fresh canvas for your best ride yet

Full Sand Down

Precise Bottom Lining

Top of the Line Bottom Paint

Gel Coat Protection


Bottom Painting

Our experience in the marine industry has shown us time and time again the importance of bottom paint. Various sea monsters—slime causing bacteria, acorn barnacles, zebra mussels, etc.— will cause increased hull drag. These natural causing variants can result in higher fuel bills and lower boat speeds. The boat's Bottom is the foundation of the watercraft, requiring maintenance annually. Our boat bottom paint system ensures better fuel economy, less overall growth, and increased boat efficiency. 

Why is Bottom Painting of a Boat Essential?

Boat Bottom painting in Cape Cod is more than just an add on; this extra protective layer is essential for exploring the ocean.  Providing the activities you do on your boat will help us determine what kind of paint will be the best option for you to choose from. For example, antifouling paint is crucial for preventing microbial growth over time. On the other hand, hard paint will be very effective for faster boats. These decisions are important in creating the perfect foundation for creating your summer escape. Neglecting the health of the boat's Bottom can result in structural damage as well as harming other surfaces below the waterline.

Our Painting Process
Every job is only as good as its prep work. Prepping the Bottom of your vessel ensures proper adhesion of the new antifouling material. A light sand of the boat's Bottom creates an even surface for the new coat and a quick spray down of the surface allows for a clean bond to occur. The boat is masked off properly so our bottom painting specialists will apply an even layer of new material will be applied. After proper drying times are followed, the boat will be ready to return to its trailer or launched for the season.
During this process, we can further identify any issues related to the Bottom of your boat. Our diagnostic Bottom care packages will include zinc replacements and routine maintenance to prevent the costly damage associated with aquatic growths, oxidation, and other elemental hazards.


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