Boat Bottom Painting Services

The bottom of the boat inherently suffers the most abuse of any area on your vessel. Seeing that the bottom is the foundation of your watercraft, this area can not be neglected. Our full boat bottom painting service also includes routine bottom care and zinc replacements, which can extend the lifespan of your boat.

Why Bother With Boat Painting?

Bottom painting in Cape Cod is more than just a trend, experienced boaters know that this extra protective layer is essential. Your boats activity will help to determine what kind of paint will be most effective. Antifouling paint is best for preventing growths and build up over time, whereas hard paint, though very effective for faster boats, eventually becomes buildup without proper care. Ablative and hybrid paints tend to be the crowd favorites. These kinds of paint are more technologically advanced, allowing the breakdown of paint to expose a new layer that is equally as effective as the first coat and hybrids are a bit tougher, allowing for slower breakdown.

A Cape Cod Boat Painting Service That Does More

We know that there is a shortage of boat painting services in Cape Cod. That’s why we take the proper precautions before applying bottom paint to your boat, aiming for the sleekest job. Depending on your boats needs and what you want done, we will start by stripping, sanding and washing your boat, giving us a clean slate to work with. We give boats the five start treatment, following up with waxing and polishing to maximize the lifespan of the paint and its advantages.

This process will also allow us the opportunity to identify further issues with bottom of you boat. Our bottom care package includes zinc replacements to avoid costly damage, as well as routine maintenance that protects the bottom from aquatic growths, oxidation and other elemental hazards.



Clients Comment On Our Marine Detailing Service

Boat Butler is also able to offer complete Bottom Care

This program is a fantastic way to restore a weathered hull without the price tag and hassle of giving your vessel a new  paint job.