Boat Detailing

Boat Detailing

Boat detailing in Cape Cod becomes a necessity, what with all the sunlight, humidity and salt in the air during the boating season. The more active your boat is, the more you may want to consider detailing. Although looking good in the water is a benefit, this upkeep extends the overall life of your investment. Weather it’s a small fishing boat or a yacht detailing job, we give the finest treatment.

Polishing Up

Because no two boats are the same, we must first always give an evaluation before getting to work. Starting out with a simple wash and a proper dry is optimal before any exterior boat detailing work is done. Depending on the state of your vessel, we will determine which techniques - such as power washing or sanding - are necessary.

A good waxing and polishing is needed to protect your watercraft from oxidation, buildup and other elemental damages. We make your metal sparkle, your colors bright, and your gelcoat strong and handsome. By applying preferred products carefully and methodically we can also take this opportunity to discover any blistering, scratches, gaps or further damage done to the boats gelcoat.

Boat Reconditioning

Yes, our Cape Cod boat detailing service does it all!

We also do interior work so that the shine runs throughout. This includes carpet cleaning to remove stains and smells, vinyl reconditioning to restore its comfort and beauty, and we also do clean ups.

Not to worry if your boat has been left alone a bit to long! We would be happy to take on a total boat restoration project returning your vessel to its original brilliance. We can then work with you to create a regular schedule to maintain your boats immaculate condition.

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Clients Comment On Our Marine Detailing Service

Boat Butler is also able to offer complete hull refinishing systems

This program is a fantastic way to restore a weathered hull without the price tag and hassle of giving your vessel a new paint job.