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Power Washing

Rinse it Off

At Boat Butler, we are skilled at power washing even the toughest hard to reach corners. Let us take the hard work out of your summer vacation.


What We Do

We have the hands, the power, and the tools to rinse off all kinds of debris after every ocean adventure.

Full Power Wash Service

Metal Shine

UV Protectant

Chamois Dry


Boat Power Washing

Regularly washing your boat is essential to avoiding etched watermarks and corrosion. Ignoring harmful saltwater deposits on your boat surface can result in damage to your hull. Boat Butler will professionally wash your boat to protect it from such damage. By cleaning the boat's exterior, waxing, polish, painting, and even storing your boat, we guarantee that your boat will stay in excellent condition. We will wash all exterior services and chamois dry all surfaces, shine metal, clean helm, polish, compound, and apply UV protectant to all vinyl.

We always take pride in providing the most sufficient and most skilled work. We also ensure that the interior of your boat is safe by closing all windows, doors, and portholes before starting. We offer a wide range of services for you to pick from based on your boat's needs. 

Power washers require that pressure is in check. Boats can be damaged when someone is not taking care of the force. Materials used in different boats require different pressure to be adequately cleaned. At Boat Butler, we are careful and consider the type of material your boat is crafted with, ensuring we apply proper tension throughout the process.

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