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At Boat Butler, our goal is to provide professional and aesthetically pleasing shrink wrap services on Cape Cod. 
We're here to get all of the hard to reach places.


What's So Special

After years of testing and trial-ing shrink wrap rolls, we came up with the best material

possible to protect your boat until next year.

100% Plastic Resin

Maximum UV Inhibition

Scientifically Strong and Durable


Steer Wheel on a Boat

Boat Shrink Wrapping

Our 100% plastic resin offers maximum UV inhibitors, allowing our Cape Cod shrink wrap service to stand up to all weather conditions. We provide all of your shrink wrap needs and accessories, including heat tools, adhesives, zipper access doors, and venting. Our shrink wrapping will tackle all such weather fluctuations to ensure that your boat is ready for seasonal changes.

We take into consideration our customer's needs and work tirelessly to satisfy them. We will always apply proper ventilation to your boat during our shrink wrap process so that your hull can undertake the process. We will cover your entire hull where your gel coat is most prone to cracking and chipping. If you plan to travel a long distance on your boat, we recommend shrinking your boat to retain its look. 

We acquire the best shrink wrap films that will take care of all of your wrapping needs. Our service provides superior strength and longevity to your boat. Contact us to find which shrink wrap is right for you. 


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