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At Boat Butler, our goal is to provide professional, top of the line boat waxing on Cape Cod. We are here to make your boat look brand new.


What's Our Secret

At Boat Butler, we use the best and most effective waxing methods and materials to make your boat look shinier than you bought it.

Full Wash Down

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Boat Waxing

Boat Butler is the premier destination in your search for boat waxing services on Cape Cod. Our waxing services help your boat retain its shape and increase its durability in the marine environment. Waxing your boat's smooth surfaces will protect the gel coat or paint from harsh contaminants. Waxing protects your boat's appearance and structural integrity.

Why Should I Wax A Boat?

The proper application of wax protects all of your boat's smooth surfaces. Aside from wax's practical applications, waxing leaves your boat with a mirror-like finish and allows for more painless cleanings throughout the season. Without a wax sealant, gel coat and paint is prone to oxidation. Oxidation causes color fade and discoloration. The typical shelf life of a high-end wax/sealer is about three to four months. In cases where oxidation has occurred, we can use a multi-step compound and polish system to restore the surface to its original finish. We tailor our boat waxing service to accommodate each boat's specific needs. We also provide full boat detailing, shrink wrapping, washing, painting, and boat storage on cape cod.  Boat Butler is here to enhance your boat season from start-to-finish. 

The Boat Butler Difference on Cape Cod 

At Boat Butler, we believe in a detail-oriented approach that provides a more cohesive maintenance experience.   Our process begins with removing any debris or old wax. Next, we apply a smooth and even layer of polish to all smooth surfaces. We evenly work the wax in, then buff it off for a gleaming and protected surface. Waxing protects your gel coat from wearing down beyond the point of restoration and saves you from more considerable maintenance costs in the future. Boat waxing is another preventative measure against ocean damage, blistering, deterioration, cracks, and oxidation. 

Reasons to Hire Professionals of Boat Butler

We take pride in using high-quality products to ensure the integrity of all of our work. Our staff is skilled in examining boats to identify individual needs or potential issues. We make sure we have all that is needed to give your boat a new, fresh coat look.


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