Boat Waxing Services

Boat waxing is both a protective measure and a way to keep your boat looking as good as new. Sun, Salt, and all kinds of debris from the water and air can cause long term damage, Not to mention visible wear and tear on the boat’s surfaces. The more active your boat is, the more your gelcoat will give way to becoming weakened, damaged and unsightly.

There are few different boat waxing services on Cape Cod, but not everyone realizes that there is a “right way” to wax. Our method is tailored to your boats needs, providing it with the best possible outcome. This is a great option for people who are looking for boat restoration services on vessels that are dull, worn down or have uneven surfaces.

Waxing Boats Cape Cod Style

For Cape Cod boat owners who are simply looking for a vessel that gleams, waxing can also save you a few bucks on a boat that needs less work. We always wash and sand your boat first before waxing boats to remove any debris or old, ineffective wax. After that we apply a smooth and even layer of wax, making sure to buff beyond comparison. 

Waxing regularly protects your gelcoat from wearing down past the point of restoration, saving you from bigger issues in the future. Boat waxing serves as another preventative measure against water damage, blistering, deterioration, cracks and dings.



Clients Comment On Our Marine Detailing Service

Boat Butler is also able to offer complete hull refinishing systems

This program is a fantastic way to restore a weathered hull without the price tag and hassle of giving your vessel a new paint job.